Based in Brussels, Belgium, Ada Somín is a visual artist whose work revolves around the question of desire and the fundamental lack from which it arises. Drawing from a background in philosophy, history and literature, Somín focuses on the drives animating Western culture, politics and thought. By means of a sensory impact, his work tries to interrogate the collective ideas underlying our behavior. Desire, here, is not in the first place sexual, but rather stands for the attraction that a fleeting object or deferred goal arouses within a subject. Accordingly, Somín’s works often operates through the act of distancing – the public from the piece of art, the object from its main function or its constituent parts from each other. By fostering gaps and hiatuses, one prevents completion and thus makes way for the possible emergence of new sense(s). Similarly, by taking on a heteronym, Ada Somín rejects any given, self-sufficient identity as an origin for artistic practice.